State Gazette

The State Gazette (Riigi Teataja) is the official online publication of the Republic of Estonia, which publishes legislation and other documents.

The State Gazette is published by the Ministry of Justice and hosted and technically operated by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK).

Website of the electronic State Gazette

Opportunities of the State Gazette (Riigi Teataja)

  • On the front page of the Riigi Teataja you can get acquainted with the newly published content and find information about the acts that will soon be published.
  • You can use the search to find the document you want. The search is divided into two (2): ‘Search in full texts’ and ‘Search in original texts’.
  • The chronology makes it possible to find legislation published at a specific time.
  • The search for drafts allows you to find the desired draft and view its procedure.
  • A search for the time and place of the hearing reveals the time and place of the hearing and the public announcement of the court decision.
  • A search for court decisions reveals court decisions that have entered into force.
  • In the legal news section, you can read published court news, law news, and other legal news.
  • In order to subscribe to email notifications and create a link notebook for yourself, you need to register as a user of the Riigi Teataja.

Summaries of judgments, including judgments of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, various legal news are published in the Riigi Teataja and the search for information on court decisions and hearings that have entered into force can be used.

The search for draft legislation allows you to search for the different procedural steps of acts that have already been adopted and pending drafts, and through them access all procedural data and documents drawn up.