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Cooperation projects

On the international scale, RIK is cooperating with IT-agencies and structures of various countries. We have several successful ongoing and finished international scale projects. RIK provides consultation regarding the best practices for the development and administration of the IT-solutions of the respective sector. 

e-Business Register for the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands wished to draw from Estonia's experience regarding going electronic with the Business Register. For this, RIK's experts first shared our best-practices in the field. RIK's team then carried out an AS-IS mapping of the current situation - organisational, technologcial and legal framework wise - and of business processes together with the main actors in the field. Lastly, based on the AS-IS mapping, our experts propsed a high-level TO-BE vision on how to move forward with the electronic Business Register in the Faroe Islands. The project was carried out between 2018-2019.

IT management standard implementation for Kosovo

The project started in 2019 and focuses on further enhancing the efficient IT management of the Ministry of Finance of Kosovo. As a first step, RIK's expert team conducted an analysis of the current IT management and introduced our best-practices in the field. In a second step RIK carried out ITIL process mapping and software development in the following processes:
- Service catalogue management
- Request fullfillment
- Problem management
- Configuration management
- Change management

Last but not least, RIK also analysed the existing information security management standard and drafted documentation related to the topic based on ISO 27001 logic.

The projects is carried out in collaboration with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), a German development agency providing services in the field of international development cooperation.

e-Business Register for Georgia

In January 2019, the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) started the implementation of the Project „Better Commercial Law and Legal Practice in Georgia", co-financed and supported by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The main focus of the project is to improve business regulatory framework and its operation in Georgia. Among other objectives, the project intends to support institutional development of the business registry of the National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR). The main objective is to improve the electronic business registry and to introduce an online platform for business operators to meet their disclosure duties.

To support meeting the latter two objectives, RIK's experts studied the existing situation at the NAPR to define its needs in terms of the establishment of the electronic business register and drafted the roadmap for the establishment of the electronic business register.

e-Justice for Kosovo

RIK has been collaborating with the Republic of Kosovo since September 2014. We have shared our knowledge and experience regarding the publication of court decisions. Moreover, RIK's expert is consulting the development of the Punishment Register of Kosovo based on the best-practices from the Estonian Criminal Records Database developed by RIK.

Interconnection of Registers of Wills, European Union

The project “Further developments in the area of interconnection of registers of wills“ was led by the Estonian Ministry of Justice and co-funded by the European Commission (JUST/2014/JACC/AG/E-JU/6966) during the period from 1 October 2015 until 30 September 2016. 

The possibilities for making cross-border succession proceedings more efficient by electronic means were analysed during the project. Electronic registration of the wills of the citizens of the European Union and data exchange related to wills between the Member States were the main topics focused on, as it is very important to ensure that the last wishes of the testator are respected and fulfilled regardless to state borders.

Several legal and technical obstacles which do not enable access to information to the persons with a legitimate interest from another Member State were identified during the studies carried out within the project. The possibilities for eliminating obstacles were discussed in the European Union Council´s expert group together with the Member States and the representatives of the legal practitioners.

As an outcome, a recommendations for improving political and technical cooperation and access to information were prepared. According to the recommendations, an interactive tool providing a direct access to the right contact point providing necessary information along the way could be created in the e-Justice Portal. 

In addition, dynamic forms of the European Certificate of Succession and its application were created for the portal which simplify the process of completing the form and in the future also the process of transmitting the form. 

While dynamic forms will be made available in the portal already in the near future, the implementation of technical developments to enable more efficient and safer access to the information relating to wills shall be carried out in the course of follow-up projects during the years to come.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the European Network of Registers of Wills Association, the Council of the Notariats of the European Union, the Estonian Chamber of Notaries, Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems, and the Member States of the European Union. While Lithuania, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Austria contributed directly to the project, the representatives of 20 Member States took part in the work of the European Union Council´s e-Justice expert group.

Dubai Land Register, UAE

RIK started a collaboration with Dubai Land Department at the beginning of 2016. The aim of the collaboration project is to share knowledge and exchange best-practices in the field of land register from both countries.

Court Information System for Kurdistan, Iraq

In October 2014, RIK started a one year collaboration to help develop a court information system for the Sulaymaniyah Governorate, the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Iraq. As a first step, RIK helped with the initial mapping, carrying out of the business analysis and drawing-up of an AS-IS report and TO-BE vision. The aim of the project is to successfully implement an electronic case management system in a court where there are currentlly almost no computers. The launch of the pilot project is foreseen in the first half of 2015.

e-Business Register for the Sultanate of Oman

RIK started a cooperation project with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of the Sultanate of Oman at the beginning of 2013. The main goal of the project was to broaden and improve the range of online services offered and enhance the business processes related to company registration and licensing. Or simply put shortly: To make doing business and investing in Oman easy, transparent and efficient. 

After an initial three month process of mapping and reengineering, both countries proposed a development plan for an improved online One-Shop-Stop and e-services. A new reengineered service is currently being developed.  Mr. Mehis Sihvart, Director of RIK: “This project has been an excellent example of fruitful cooperation between two countries. Our aims are similar – a better environment for SMEs via e-governance. Our experts learned a lot from the project and hopefully these kinds of knowledge transfers will continue in the future”. 

e-File for Bulgaria

RIK collaborated with the Republic of Bulgaria from 2012 till 2013. Our experts contributed to the development and improvement of the Integrated Information System for Combating Crime (IISCC) and integration of the institutional information systems into the main IISCC by sharing our best-pratcices and knowledge regarding the Estonian e-File system. The aim of the project was to set up an integrated information system, providing secure standards for unified data exchange, ensuring standardized access of the law enforcement bodies to other national registers and information systems through IISCC, enabling the information exchange between the law enforcement bodies.

Taiex cooperation

RIK has fruitfully collaborated with Taiex since 2014. We have received delegations for study-visits from Kosovo, Georgia, Albania and our experts have participated in Taiex supported expert missions to Moldova, Kosovo and Ukraine. 

The Taiex supported collaboration with Ukraine started in early 2015 and is still ongoing. The aim of the cooperation is to offer e-governance solutions in the area of Justice and Home Affairs, including anti-corruption, by drawing on Estonian experience.

Associations and working groups

RIK participates in and is a member of various EU and international level working groups and associations:

  • e-CODEX - The goal of the e-CODEX project is to improve the cross-border access of citizens and businesses to legal means in Europe as well as to improve the interoperability between legal authorities within the EU. e-CODEX is a functionality which provides an easier (digital) way to exchange legal information between EU-countries. About the project.
  •  e-SENS - Electronic Simple European Networked Services (e-SENS) is a large-scale project that embodies the idea of European Digital Market development through innovative ICT solutions. The project will consolidate, improve, and extend technical solutions to foster electronic interaction with public administrations across the EU. Learn more.
  • EBR - European Business Register (EBR) is a network of National Business Registers and Information Providers from currently 27 European countries. The EBR provides easy access to European company information online fresh from the source - each country’s official register. Learn more about the EBR service offered by RIK.
  • ELRA - The main purpose of the European Land Registry Association (ELRA) is the development and understanding of the role of land registration in real property and capital markets. ELRA is fully committed to work on behalf of Land Registries in Europe in cooperating with the EU institutions. Information about ELRA.
  • ENWRA - The European Network of Registers of Wills Association (ENWRA) is an international not-for-profit association governed by Belgian law, created in 2005 by the Belgian, French and Slovenian Notariats. 16 national registers belong now to the European Network of Registers of Wills (ENRW or RERT). Learn more about ENWRA
  • European Union level working groups: e-Justice, e-Law, Functional Requirements Working Group, Data Protection Working Group.