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The e-File is an online information system which allows procedural parties and their representatives to electronically submit procedural documents to courts and to observe the progress of the proceedings related to them. For example, a single parent can apply for alimony without making a trip to the court house.
Only the ID card or the Mobile ID can be used for logging into the e-File system. The e-File system grants the procedural parties access to only those cases which are directly related to the person.

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In case of any problems with using the e-File, please turn to the user support
via the e-mail address of [email protected]


Log into the e-File

  1. ID-card questions
  2. SLA of the public e-File


Since 1 January 2009, the quick processing of payment orders takes place only electronically and thus applications for quick processing of a payment order can be submitted to courts only via the e-File portal or via the X-road data exchange layer of information systems.
Since 1 January 2009, applications for quick processing of a payment order are reviewed by only the Centre of Payment Orders located in the Haapsalu court house of the Pärnu County Court.
The applications for quick processing of a payment order which were submitted before 01.01.2009 will be reviewed by the county court where the application was submitted.