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From the beginning of April, the rights to submit annual reports can also be managed in the state portal eesti.ee

It is still possible to issue authorisations for entering and submitting annual reports in the annual report submission portal of the e-Business Register, through which the report is sent to the Business Register. At the beginning of February, however, the new central authorisations management information system Pääsuke was completed, which is in the state portal eesti.ee and offers a variety of additional options for managing authorisations in self-service environments.

As one option, the board member can from now on appoint an administrator in the eesti.ee authorisation management system, who manages the various authorisations of the legal entity daily. It is also possible to give the administrator the right to delegate. Authorisations can be given to both natural and legal persons.

"The main reason for interfacing with the new service is that on the eesti.ee portal, authorisations can also be given to legal entities, such as accounting offices, who need it for their daily work. The environment for submitting annual reports does not allow this today," explained the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) zero reporting team lead Aleksandr Beloussov.

At the same time, Beloussov pointed out that when authorising an accounting office, the office in turn must issue a so-called sub-authorisation to its own employee, so that the authorised representative of a legal entity can enter the report of a specific entrepreneur.

"If the accountant changes, it is certainly a big plus that the entrepreneur can change all the access authorisations given to the accountant in different e-environments from one central place," added Beloussov.

When authorising annual reports, you can choose between two roles in the eesti.ee portal: whether the right to enter only report data or the right to both enter data and submit a report is granted.

The annual reporting environment managed by RIK is the first information system outside the state portal that joined Pääsuke.

The responsible processor of Pääsuke is the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA).

You can find more information about Pääsuke, the central authorisations management information system, on RIA website.